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Wick Dipper

Apart of the trio of candle care accessories, dippers are a double threat!

Keep your candle burning for longer and stronger but dipping your wicks which will give your candle;

* Stronger wick coated gently by wax and longer burn times

* Extinguishing gentle and avoiding smoking and ruining your scented space

- Make sure to always trim your wick before lighting and remove any excess debris from the candle wax after dipping, to ensure a clean burn next time. 


Reed Diffuser Care & Safety

* Unscrew the lid and remove the cap from the bottle

* Submerge the reeds into the liquid and allow the liquid to be absorbed and flip the reeds (so that both ends have been in the liquid) 

* Repeat the flipping of reeds regularly to emit more scent or when the reeds are dry

* Keep out of direct sunlight or sources of heat (fireplaces or heaters)

* When empty wash with warm soapy water to reuse glass or buy refill bottle and new reeds

* Never light the reeds

* Keep liquid away from flames or heat

* Never swallow liquid - if consumed seek medical attention immediately 

* Wash your hands after touching product and never let liquid touch your eyes or skin

* Avoid direct contact with furniture, fabrics and finished wood surfaces

* Keep out of reach of children and pets

* Take appropriate care disposing of remaining liquid at the end of diffusers life.