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Wick Snuffer

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Apart of the trio of candle care accessories, Snuffers are designed to protect your candles (and space of the over zealous extinguisher) strengthen the scenting of your space and also the wick. 

When extinguishing the flame, hover the dome above the wick and remove the oxygen from the flame. 

Snuffing helps your candle;

* Keep the scenting strong in the room. From time to time (if burnt longer than the recommended length of time) the wick will become larger and smoke when blown out and tends to cover the scent with the smell of candle smoke

* Wax can be pushed around the jar or outside of it with force, the enables you to not require blowing out and keeping it all contained in the pot

* Keeping the wick strong

Reed Diffuser Care & Safety

* Unscrew the lid and remove the cap from the bottle

* Submerge the reeds into the liquid and allow the liquid to be absorbed and flip the reeds (so that both ends have been in the liquid) 

* Repeat the flipping of reeds regularly to emit more scent or when the reeds are dry

* Keep out of direct sunlight or sources of heat (fireplaces or heaters)

* When empty wash with warm soapy water to reuse glass or buy refill bottle and new reeds

* Never light the reeds

* Keep liquid away from flames or heat

* Never swallow liquid - if consumed seek medical attention immediately 

* Wash your hands after touching product and never let liquid touch your eyes or skin

* Avoid direct contact with furniture, fabrics and finished wood surfaces

* Keep out of reach of children and pets

* Take appropriate care disposing of remaining liquid at the end of diffusers life.